Oct 22

wayne rooney signs new contract for manchester united



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    • samuel on October 22, 2010 at 7:44 pm

    I do know what is wrong with Rooney but I believe he is suffering from what psychologists will call post-traumatic stress disorder. His inability to rise to the occasion @ the world cup and failure to lead the team this season is what is causing all these. I believe Rooney is trying to win some sympathy from United fans for his failures, through his media outburst.

    Hmmm. I believe he read between the lines that living in Manchester will be unbearable for him if he was to play for rivals, City. And the option of playing for Madrid seems so enormously difficult, looking @ the pressures @ the Bernebeu. Madrid sporting director, Valdano sent a strong signal that Rooney can’t be accommodated at Madrid. How would Rooney fare with the likes of Evra and Fergusson?

    In fact I believe Rooney’s days @ United are numbered and probably United made him sign a five year extension, so they could maximise the future sale of a player (Rooney) they bought for 25 million pounds.

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