Ghanaian Voters, Please Use Your Vote Wisely!




You see them driving along our roads every day. Or rather, you see their cars.
For the cars usually have shaded or smoked-glass windows, so that no-one can tell whether there are real human beings inside, or dogs, dwarfs or mules. Or women being ferried to, and from,office-hour assignations.Cars, moreover, that were bought with your taxes.
It will interest you to note that  in the past, serious politicians like Dr Kwame Nkrumah
and Dr J B Danquah liked to be seen when they were driving along. For that exposed
them to the people and thus brought their respective messages to mind. Do these people
in SUVs have any message, you may well ask! If so, what is it and at whom is it directed?
Yes — this crop of politicians are also supposed to represent you and me! But we never see their faces nor hear their normal, that is, “unradio” voices.
Until an election comes along. Then it is that they hire buses and fill them with people, who invade our town or village and pretend that these strangers are our fellow townspeople. These strangers will make a helluva  of noise, and then sneak away, as suddenly as they had come.
Then, at night, some of them will creep back. Secretly. They will be carrying bags of rice, corn or flour, and tinned foods of all types.
They will also carry a lot of hard cash. They will distribute these to members of our community whom they trust, and urge these agents to distribute what they’ve got to the people of our town or village who matter!

The “middlemen” will, of course, be very happy, for there will be no means by which
the rich men from party headquarters in Accra can establish whether they have
kept the cash and goods for themselves, or actually distributed them to the intended
But, of course, the “middlemen” [and women] will make a lot of noise about their party and
what it will do for the community after it has been voted into power. They will never answer
questions about what happened to the promises similarly made to the community in 2012 –
that is, the last time an election was held. They will pretend that asking such questions is rude, and they won’t give any money to an agent who asks such questions!
They do these things because although you think you have power over their party because of your thumb – the finger which is stained with black ink to show that you have voted –
they believe strongly that you are a fool.
For if you were not a fool (the deceitful politicians tell themselves) would you not ask why your children continue to go to school in a building that has no toilet facilities? Why are there such few teachers in the school? Where are the textbooks the children are supposed to use?
If you were not the fool they take you for, would you not ask why the road between your village and the nearest market town is so bad that when you decide to travel, you must summon a lot of
courage to be able to do so, because you constantly hear of accidents – on a daily basis, perhaps – in which people like you lose their lives because of drivers speeding on very bad roads?
Would you accept that the water you drink and cook with should be unsafe while those who control your tax money drink water imported in bottles or fancy plastic containers?
Would you calmly shrug your shoulders if your town or village is deprived of electricity for hours (sometimes days) on end?
If you were not a fool, would you not want to find out what happens to the money you pay to the Government every time you buy kerosene, a box of matches, a candle, a tin of milk, a packet of sugar and a host of other consumer goods that you need for yourself and members of your family?
Would you not want to find out why those people in the cars whom you can’t see, are said to drink beer, whisky  and brandy mixed only only with the aforementioned  imported bottled water and not the sort of water you drink? Wouldn’t you wonder why there are so many people on the streets of the larger towns selling [probably unsafe] sachet water? Wasn’t it in the urban areas that one was supposed to experience the luxury of drinking treated, pipe-borne water which, when chilled in a fridge, sometimes tastes a lot  better than  the imported stuff? What happened to deprive you and your fellow citizens of that privilege?
As you stand in line in the hot sun, waiting for your turn to vote, please use that nimble and cunning  brain of yours. Try and work out the full implications of  what you have heard in recent news reports about how taxpayers’ money is used in your country under the NDC Government.
You must have heard how a certain gentleman with so-called foreign contacts didn’t do any work for anyone, except flourish some papers with promises on it allegedly issued by foreign banks, promising that money would be lent to our country. How a lawsuit was instituted to obtain money on the basis of alleged undertakings given with regard to these documents, and how lawyers who are paid with your taxes, deliberately  refused to defend the state from the frivolous claims made in the lawsuit,  and instead, reached an  “amicable settlement” with the said fellow. How, within days of this “settlement” being reached, the said gentleman walked away with money that could have built an excellent paved road, at least 50 miles long.
You must also remember that recently it was revealed that the same gentleman had obtained the agreement of the current government to carry out some ADDITIONAL contractual works that would give him a lot more of taxpayers’ money?
Please remember that those who give away these moneys – which could give you safe water and lower petrol prices, to say the least! – to the gentleman and his ilk, do it on your behalf! They have the power to do what they like with taxpayers’ money, because taxpayers are alleged to have voted for them the last time round and given them a mandate to spend taxpayers’ money.
They say you  have given them this  mandate  and so they can give contracts to people they choose, on a single-source basis. This means that they can disregard the rule that all public contracts should be opened to competitive bidding so that the company with the best proposal and cheapest contract priced should win the contract. They resort to this single-sourcing because then they can share the proceeds from the contract with the contractor. Of course, you never see them to ask whether they told you whether they would disregard the rules for awarding contracts, when they were campaigning to be elected.
Please don’t listen to your chief if he tells you to vote for Mr So-and-so but is unable to convince you that he can stop taxpayers’ money from being looted and shared by heart. Maybe the chief too  has been bribed!
Don’t listen to your pastor, either – some of the pastors are in business and have cultivated friends in government, so that their businesses can reap profits unhindered.
Some pastors are even said to bring pressure to bear on public officials who attend their churches, to commit acts that are of a party political nature. Did you not hear recently that an official who should be regarded by both Muslims and Christians as a neutral person, went and declared in a church  that prayers should be  said for a “peaceful election”? Did that official consult Muslims before making such a statement?
This is your only chance to hit back!
Don’t allow the officials to take you for granted.
Do not fear! A soldier called Yahya Jammeh took the reins of government in the Gambia for over 20 years. He arrested whoever criticised him. He used the state treasury as his own private bank account. But what happened to him in the end? The Gambian people used mere votes to boot him out. And there is nothing he can do about that!
Now, the people of Ghana first had the vote, or what is called universal adult suffrage, several years before the people of Gambia had it. If the people of Gambia have had the good sense to use their votes to throw out an egotistical “leader” who used taxpayers’ money to satisfy his own whims, so can the people of Ghana.
Do not be swayed. Vote according to your conscience. But remember that if you make a mistake on voting day, you will live to regret it.
Look at how galamsey is being allowed to destroy our water-sources. Are the voters of Ghana unaware that in destroying these water bodies – great rivers like  Prah, Offin, Oti,  Densu, Birem etc.– the galamsey operators are cutting short the lives of their own children on earth? And the lives of their children’s children? Why is such a self-evident fact being ignored to allow the galamsey operators to be given a more or less free hand to destroy our heritage? Why are our so-called elected representatives committing treason against OUR NATION’S FUTURE by allowing its water resources to be ruthlessly, wantonly and flagrantly vandalised by galamsey operators – with impunity to boot?
Isn’t it the primary duty of every Government in the world to protect the natural resources it inherited from its predecessors? Didn’t even the rapacious British colonial government make laws to protect our natural resources? Didn’t it leave us a “Forest Reserve” in which it was forbidden to farm or interfere with water-bodies? Why is our government– SIXTY YEARS AFTER INDEPENDENCE —  unable to provide that elementary protection to our water resources although it knows how to order warplanes from Brazil at inflated prices?
Dear reader, both you and I are aware of the facts so I need not go on.
All I can tell you is: use your vote wisely! And go out into the streets to protect you vote — if you find that officials want to steal it for a person you did not vote for.




I strongly hope that the Chief Justice will listen to the appeals made by some members of the public to allow the cross-examination of Alfred Woyome by Martin Amidu – only a few hours away – to be telecast.
This is not only  because the spectacle will be vastly entertaining to the public. Mind you – that will inevitably occur. But it will only be “comedies” (as it were) compared to the main “feature film  or movie” of the night.
And what’s that?
It is the rare opportunity that the “bout” will provide to our judiciary to continue to educate the populace about — among other things —  the “rule of law.”
You see, whenever the “rule of law” is spoken about, it tends to make the ordinary citizen’s head reel.
I mean, look at this scenario: the Supreme Court is endowed, by the Constitution with the power to have the last say in every dispute that is taken to court. And yet the same Constitution allows the President to pardon culprits sent to prison by the Supreme Court after it’s adjudicated over a case and had its so-called “final say”. What type of “final say” ls that, then?
Now, on the other hand, when the ordinary citizen gets a case that cannot interest the President, what happens to the verdict? It’s as FINAL as a  buried corpse!
So the citizen’s conclusion must be that “this law thing is just too confusing. Better leave it to those people who prefer horse hair to their own; you know, those guys who wear woollen gowns when the mid-day temperature here  is around 32 degrees Celsius! Of course, they must be paid: horse hair and gowns are not cheap!”
Is it healthy for a modern nation to create such a chasm between the tax-payer and the institution in the land that can send him to prison or fine the daylights out of him?
Just let the ordinary citizen fail to pay his vehicle’s road-tax, or the daily toll for a market-stall if the citizen happens to be a woman. A court will make sure that he/she is fined a sum which is much heavier than what was not paid! Any plea to the effect  that the citizen had “temporarily suffered from amnesia and forgotten to pay” but would have miraculously remembered to pay it the very next day (if only the police had “exercised patience” and waited “small”) would be literally “laughed out of court!” Yet, as we have seen, when it comes to cases that come to the attention of the President, there is room for “manoeuvre.” Is that fair or healthy?
It is this confusion in the public mind about the law that makes it necessary for any opportunity to be taken   that enables the judiciary to peel away some of the mystery surrounding the law. (You may recall that Frantz Fanon eloquently labelled this process as ‘mystification’ of the populace!)
You may also agree that  misconceptions about the law are dangerous. The evidence for that conclusion stands right in front of the building that houses the highest courts of the land – yes, some judges were wantonly assassinated because their duty of merely interpreting the law – for which they were paid – was grossly misunderstood by some warped minds.
All that’s fine, but realistically, what educational value can Ghanaian society obtain from the televising of Amidu v Woyome?
I think it will enable the public to become more  aware that in the modern age, it is not enough to pay one’s taxes and leave it to be spent by people for whom one votes once every four years. One must ensure that those for whom one votes are people whom one can really TRUST. For people who are not trust-worthy (and they tend to be those who shout the loudest that they are “clean”!) can take tax-payers’ money and dish it out to their cronies as if the money were pebbles lying  freely in the street.
For instance, a crony can go to them with a scheme that says that air can be transformed into food! The crony can give the scheme a scientific-sounding name, such as cibumosis.
And he can explain it this way: ‘Just as in osmosis, a process is set in motion whereby plants distribute the different solvents that constitute plant food (absorbed from the soil) to the individual types of cells that make up the whole  plant, so does cibumosis. enable oxygen (breathed through the human nose) to mix with carbon dioxide (expelled from the human lungs) to create an admixture of gases that solidifies and turns into food; viz.: kenkey and fish (with shitor in attendance); and/or koobi stew and apem plantains; or even fufu and soup. Bacon, sausages and eggs are not to be forgotten.
You hear this, salivate profusely and ask: ‘But how can this bring money?’
The answer is, ‘Seek out and make friends with the people in charge of your country’s Ministry of Food and/or Agriculture. Give loans to the wives of those most likely to be key decision-makers. And they will point out to you, those higher up the ladder whose wives also need loans.
Once the loans are disbursed, even those in the group who have not looked up a word about biology since they left school, will suddenly become experts in it.
So biology is a subject they had avoided like the plague since getting someone else to sit their school-leaving Science exam for them? No worries! All the info about cibumosis can be written on small cards which can be inserted into a jacket pocket and whipped out if and when the subject comes up. A quick glance at these cards can enable the loan-bloated cibumosis disciple to advertise the concept more eloquently than Kwaku Bonsam can advertise the sex-enhancement qualities of the herb known as vuka-vuka in Zimbabwe but which cannot be named in Twi in polite society in Ghana! (Something to do with “hard”, if you see what I mean.)
Next, the chaps in the Ministry will provide their new friend with prototypes or examples of “pro forma” contracts or proposals that have been approved already and which are secretly sealed in their files. Once a type of proposal has been approved already, with all the dotted lines expertly filled in and the word “APPROVED” stamped on it, the proposal will look “routine” to others in charge of payments within  the public service. But don’t forget that their wives too need loans!

Thus, once palms are suitably greased, “routine” vouchers will be “raised” and sent post-haste to the Ministry of Finance, the Accountant-General and the Bank of Ghana. If everyone is satisfied, mobile phones can ensure that a cheque arrives back within days – if not hours – of an “APPROVED”  voucher being urgently pushed through. Taxpayers’ money would have ended up being paid in respect of a “create, loot and share” scheme!
Will such a forensic post-mortem examination of what happened with “financial engineering” come up in the Supreme Court and teach us how these things are done?
Yes – unless Mr Amidu makes a total hash of it! He can easily  extract it out of Woyome’s mouth like vomit!– Ultra-loquacious though Woyome maybe.
But Amidu has been talking a whole lot lately, has he not?
Well, no-one is perfect! We shouldn’t under-estimate the forces ranged against him. The whole Ministry of Justice and Attorney-General’s Department, with lawyers as well-trained as himself and who were formerly his  trusted colleagues, are hell-bent on ridiculing or intimidating him. Or both. What he himself has described as the “rented press” pack are also on his tail.
And, strangely, Woyome, is also on the talk-track now, spitting fire and issuing threats left and right against Amidu. All that can be unsettling – unless one has the skin of a rhinoceros.
It reminds one of the way that before a boxing match, Muhammad Ali and his opponents – the likes of George Foreman and Joe Frazier – used to brag at press conference about what they’d do to each other in the ring when they met! The odd thing is that in this Amidu v  Woyome case, there are no tickets to be sold!

So my advice to the protagonists is: “Chums, hold your fire! As we used to say in the playground: agorc ne f3m! (The action can only take place on the designated ground!) And as the Gas say: “Ebaafee gbeyei!” (Terrifying things will happen!)




Accra 19 November 2016




In 1995 Ken Wiwa gave up his job in journalism to dedicate himself to saving the life of his father, Ken Saro-Wiwa, the Ogoniland campaigner, who had been detained on a trumped-up accusation of murder. He was executed in November that year.





November has proved to be a very terrifying month for the Saro-Wiwa family.

Exactly 21 years ago – on 10 November 1995 – the head of the family, Ken Saro-Wiwa, was gruesomely thrown into an unmarked grave by murderers acting on behalf of one of Africa’s worst dictators, General Sani Abacha, then ruler of Nigeria.

Saro-Wiwa’s family heard the unbelievable news at the same time as the rest of the world heard it. Brutal, callous and insensitive to the demands both of common decency and African tradition – as enlightened well as world opinion – the Abacha dictatorship did not even give the family the opportunity of gazing for the last time upon the remains of a man who had been husband, father and kinsman to them. It was as if the Abacha gang did not regard them as human beings endowed with the same emotional and psychological demands as themselves.

Where, in their heartless actions, was to be found the much talked about fellow-feeling among Africans that had given birth to such concepts as “Ubuntu”?

And now, in November 2016, even as we recall those evil days of man’s inhumanity to man, our loss is multiplied by one of those cruel coincidences with which fate is sometimes pleased to mock us. For who would have imagined that after the unspeakable events of 10 November 1995, Ken’s eldest son and heir; Saro-Wiwa’s baby who, for the past 21years, had been thrust forward to stand in shoes too big for his feet, would, at the tender age of 47, also be lying dead in a grave?

Yes, Ken Saro-Wiwa Jr; was taken from us this November and was buried on 11 November 2016, in London; his life unceremoniously cut short in its prime!

It is wicked!

It is unconscionable!

But what does fate care?

As the poet Matthew Arnold put it:

In vain our pent wills fret

And would the world subdue

Limits we dd not set

Condition all we do!

Born into the world we are

And the world must be our mould.

Ken Saro-Wiwa Jr. was moulded by events to live, as he described it himself, “In the Shadow of a Saint”; that is, his father.

Now, it is no easy task living in the shadow of a normal father, let alone a canonised campaigner; a brave martyr whose name is known the world over. At best such a shadow can – as the Americans would put it – “cramp one’s style.” At worst, it can stifle one’s need for self-realisation; stunt one’s growth to one’s full capabilities, as one’s consciousness is constantly dogged by self-pity and even possible depression.

Ken’s singular achievement in life was that he rose above it all. He found and used his own voice. His book, “In the Shadow of a Saint”,[ISBN 00-552-998191-5] shows us that he was so brave intellectually that he confronted and defeated his own demons, and despite all odds managed to evolve a personality that was both warm and cheerful.

He was very empathetic to others, even though the suffering he had endured would have left many individuals with a cold heart. Here is just one example:the last time I saw him, he was walking at the side of a friend in a church in Kensington, London; a friend who happened to have lost his mother. The lady in question was a cousin of mine from Ghana and I asked Ken in surprise (because Ghanaians and Nigerians in London are not known for being close) — “How do you know them?”

He answered ”Oh we’re childhood friends!” Childhood friends! How many of us can say that our childhood friends will come and walk with us, when such an act will really count with us?

If you read his book you will appreciate that Ken had to fight hard to create this personality of his; to be the man he was born to be, not the man he was expected to be. And he did succeed. Marvellously. Mild-mannered and almost self-effacing, he was yet the owner of a sharp intellect that was not afraid to adopt and keep positions that seemed right to him. What the rest of the world thought was not that relevant to him.

For instance, in recent years, he accepted an invitation to work with the Nigerian Government, where a lesser man would have emotionally spurned the advances of any regime from that country. After all, there was a real possibility that the mere mention of the term, “Nigerian Government” could remind him of the trauma that one of its predecessors had inflicted upon him and his family by murdering his father in cold blood..

Yet if one applies a little common sense to the matter, one should face this question squarely: was it not sensible to be pragmatic enough to work with the most powerful entity in one’s country of birth to try and end the desecration of the environment in Ogoniland that had so enraged his father that he had sacrificed his very life to try and stop it? If his son had got the opportunity, under changed circumstances, to carry on the campaign from within the Nigerian Government, was that not a gain for his people who had suffered for so long with their voice unheard or distorted if and when it was given any attention?

Had Ken been one of those creatures whose thinking is done with a finger wagging arrogantly in the face of the opposition, he would have built an impenetrable wall between himself and Nigerian governments of any hue. But he did not do so, and thanks to his efforts and those of others, although the evils of the past have still left their horrific scars on the Ogoni environment, a beginning has been made to put things right. At the very least, the parameters of full restitution have now been determined and Ogoniland shall –hopefully – be spared from further distress from the destruction of its people’s livelihood through blatant environmental degradation.

Apart from his cold intellect or perhaps because of it, Ken possessed a prodigious energy that enabled him to produce journalism of a very impressive quality, both in Britain and in Canada. He also enjoyed teaching at the University level. His students must have been very lucky indeed for he was so honest that I have no doubt he would have shared with them, experiences that would have been completely out of their reach but which he thought would enrich their thinking.

Alas, we cannot hear his measured tones any longer. Nor can we bask in the warmth of his brilliant smile and good humour. But we shall always never forget him. I wish his wife Olivia and two sons well. And I salute his brave mother and his siblings. All of them should be comforted by the fact that their loss is also the loss of the whole continent of Africa. For ours is a continent that needs multiple examples of the type of courage that enabled the Ogoni people not to flinch when faced with the ruthless “kill-and-go” mobsters of one of the world’s most powerful corporations and its governmental henchmen. The Ogoni will go down in history for ever as a people who were prepared to give their lives to protect the environment bequeathed to them by their ancestors; an environment which Nature gifted to them; an environment that is fit to live in; to love in; and to prosper in. All people everywhere have the right to protect and preserve such an environment and Africans everywhere owe it a duty to the Ogoni to thank them for showing them how it can be done.

KEN SARO-WIWA Jr; environmental campaigner. Born 28 November 1968; died 18 October 2016.1`




K1: But Koo, how at all could the Americans do this?
K2: What did you expect? That they would remember how afraid you are of the fact that drones would get into the hands of the tempestuous Donald Trump?  Since when did Americans take note of the fears of other nations before taking any action that they thought would be in their own interest? May I remind you that when they dropped the atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, they were fully aware that some rogue nation would be able to acquire such weapons in the near future? But did that stop them? Today, they are going through all sorts of cartwheels to try and stop Iran and North Korea from acquiring similar nuclear weapons!
Yes – they’re even genuflecting to the Chinese to stop North Korea! China’s   own nuclear bombs are now seen as relatively safe –though  the Americans sought to  dis-manufacture them for years!
-So it’s against their own interests to elect Trump to spite  the Mexicans and the illegal immigrants from elsewhere who provide them with cheap labour?


  • Yep! Even the fact that Trump was heard on a tape saying that if you were a celebrity, you could grab women by the p*&%y and get away with it, did not persuade this nation that is populated with so-called Christian fundamentalists, to vote against him!
  • So, Koo, will they come to regret it?
  • Who can tell? They are not the only people who act against their own self-interest now and then – in a perverse pursuit of self-interest – are they? I mean, see how the Americans treated their Saudi Arabian allies with kid gloves; allowed Saudis to enrol in their aeronautical schools and wilfully forgot to keep an eye on them with constant security checks. And then – before they knew it, 9/11 had happened.
  • Yet I hear that even today, the US administration is still trying to protect Saudi interests from American citizens who are trying to sue the Saudis for the damage unleashed on them by 9/11!
  • It’s amazing. Trump will, if he carries out his threat to keep Muslims out of the US, anger so many of the Muslims already in America that they will surely try to hit back? Life will become unlivable in the US if every Muslim tried to become a suicide bomber?
  • It would mean that the Americans would have to double or even triple the size of the FBI, in order to try and keep American citizens safe!
  • Hey, wait a minute! You have stumbled on the real reason why the FBI Director, Mr Comey, intervened in the election campaign in such a spectacular and illogical  manner – throwing Hillary Clinton’s campaign off the rails by saying there might be something against her in emails the FBI had discovered, and then turning round 48 hours or so later, to say that  there was nothing in the emails after all – but after the damage had already been done to Hillary Clinton?
  • Koo, who can tell? Certainly, if Trump makes America so dangerous to live in by incensing domestic and foreign terrorists to try and strike wherever they can, the Director of the FBI will become the most powerful person in the land. Trump would have to eat out of his hand….!
  • :Mexico: (wall to be built to prevent illegal border crossing); China: (tariff walls to be erected to keep “cheap” Chinese imports from “swamping” the US market and “killing” American industries); dismantling of “trade agreements” that the US has entered into with Europe or even countries like Canada and the US “dependencies” in Latin America)…
  • If trade war happens, more poverty could spread in the world and we might have multiple repetitions of the dangerous crossing of continents by migrants  that we have been seeing in Europe…
  • With American troops shooting would-be illegal entrants on  sight?
  • My God! Armageddon personified?
  • And all because of one man’s obsessions!
  • It’s always just one man, isn’t it? Hitler began by cultivating a funny moustache to spite his hated, dead father!  And before you knew it, that mere corporal  had caused a war whose casualties were to be counted in the scores of millions!
  • Trump has emerged at a most dangerous moment. All over Europe, racist political parties are already  rejoicing. The most vulnerable political leader in Europe is the German leader, Angela Merkel, who has bravely got her country to absorb a million or so migrants since the crisis began. Right-wing parties in Germany have been making significant gains in local elections of late, by preaching a gospel of hate against foreigners. With Trump in the White House, these parties will feel encouraged to become even more extreme in their demands.
  • Sure! There are increasing demands in France, Austria and Hungary for foreigners to be booted out. Hungary doesn’t even want migrants to cross its territory en route to places that may want them!”
  • Yiee, Koo – can you hear human “Daleks” clad in black leather shouting manic orders all across Europe: “Exterminate!… Exterminate!?”
  • What many people don’t realise is that when such things start, it is difficult to put a stop to them. Hitler started with “smallish ” staged incidents such as the Reichstag Fire and then graduated to the gassing to death  of  six  mllon Jews.The American voters probably think that Trump will do just enough to protect American interests but go no further. In fact I heard someone say on a radio programme that when Ronald Reagan was elected in the US, the same shouts of Armageddon were heard as are being uttered after Trump’s election. Yet Reagan wasn’t anything as rabid as was feared when he was elected. But suppose it hadn’t been the meek and rational Gorbachev who was in power in Moscow when Reagan and Thatcher  began to  take  down the USSR  but some macho guy like Stalin or even Putin?
  • Yieee! True oh! What I fear most at the moment is the “chain-reaction” from Trumpism. You know that when you set a chain-reaction in motion, you can never reverse it, don’t you?
  • Koo, I am going to write a letter and put it under my pillow. It will read: “I hereby resign from the human race!”
  • Hahahahahaha!
  • You’re laughing? When I’m gone, you will be next….
  • Hahahahahaha! Gods save us from Armageddon!
  • As for this one dier, we’ll need Prophets Owusu Bempah and T B Joshua (PRAYING ON HE SATME SIDE OF THE PULPIT! —  and not against each other!) —  plus Obinim and Kwaku Bonsam (also singing from the same page of the Satanic Hymn Book!!) if we are  to be saved!

  • Hahahahaha!
  • Expecting these rich prophets to save us is nothing but misplaced optimism. They all thrive on people’s sense of insecurity.
  • Yieee! Trump has re-calibrated every not-so metaphysical presumption about the fate of the world.
  • Yep! Every single one. ISIS  terrorists   will think it’s Allah’s way of punishing the world – as exclusively revealed to the ISIS terrorists. Meanwhile the Christian Right will take the Muslim  uprising as a sign that    the door has opened for the righteous not to wait for the Lord to come but to take flight to him straight away – Jonestown style. Google Jonestown and see what that can mean — 900 people or so people  self-destructing!…
  • Charlie, I swear I fear oh!
  • Yes – fear is in order! For  Trump won’t be  taking  any prisoners lf he really launches  his  campaign along the lines he’s been  verbalizing.




Following the news can be a most soul-destroying exercise. But can we ever avoid doing it? The world will march on unconcerned, reducing the money in your pocket day after day, whether you follow the news about how and why your poverty might be increasing, or not!
Trump won!
The Electoral Commission chose to appeal to the Supreme Court over the disqualification case, although one didn’t need to be a lawyer to conclude that it had no case.
And Ghana lost to Egypt 2-0 in a World Cup qualification match, bringing memories of how low our football administration has sunk, what with the dollars-by-aeroplane episode in the last Word Cup competition in Brazil.
Isn’t that enough to becloud one’s morning?

No! You haven’t seen anything yet! Here comes a headline that can drive you over the edge unless you hold tight to your seat in the seatbelt-less-trotro vehicle that life has turned into in Ghana:
Vultures cause power cut – ECG explains recent dumsor [incessant power cuts]
The Director of Operations at Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG),Tetteh Ankamah Okyne, says the power cut the nation is currently experiencing is due to the activities of vultures and other birds…The company disclosed this last week when the Public Utility Regulatory Commission convened a meeting among the power producers, including VRA, Gridco, ECG, Asogli, among others, to ascertain the cause of the power cut being witnessed in Accra and certain parts of the country. As usual, the power producers and Gridco put the blame at the doorstep of the ECG, which, in turn, put the blame on the activities of vultures and other birds.
The power cut being witnessed in Accra and certain parts of the country is due to the activities of vultures and other birds and we are working hard to address the problem,” Mr. Okyne stressed. Ghana has been facing a power crisis caused by a deficit in power generation for the past four years, forcing the country’s power distributor, Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) to run a load-shedding programme.
Several businesses have complained about the debilitating effect of the power crisis on their businesses. The energy’s sector problems have been tackled … for years but have not been resolved. On the contrary, performance has been declining. “I must say I was disappointed because if the vultures get angry now then the whole country will be engulfed in darkness,” Jimmy Johnson, a concerned citizen has stated, adding that, this is bizarre and shameful.” UNQUOTE
My involuntary reaction, when I read that, was to explode into Fanti, although I am not a native Fanti speaker: ‘Ebei oh!’
I could just as easily have broken into Ewe and said ‘Tso!’
Or ‘Mini serker sane ner?!’ in Ga.
And so on and so forth. Or in plain English, “What the f@*k!” You get the picture.
Why the expletives? It’s because not only does the Chief Operations Officer’s explanation for the latest episodes of dumsor sound extremely unlikely but in proffering it, the gentleman assumed that members of the Ghanaian public
are so stupid that they would swallow any lame excuse that emanated from someone like him who is clothed with a grand-sounding title.
Well, I have news for him. The Ghanaian man-in-the-street is so savvy that he’s been asking questions of an immensely relevant nature, some of which I shall have the pleasure of relating to him presently.
First question: how many vultures attacked the cables which he says caused the dumsor? Did they attack as individuals or did they hatch a plot and come as an army (echoes of the film The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock?)
Second question: was this the first time  vultures had attacked electricity cables? If so, what type of carrion has the Electricity Company been employing of late to coat its cables and pylons with as to attract the creatures?
Third question: aren’t high-tension pylons and cables supposed to be insulated to prevent a successful curtailment of their performance by man and beast alike?
And finally, how long has electricity been produced and distributed in Ghana for? Why is this the first time we are hearing  officially    that  ‘vulturematics’ have affected operations to such an extent that they have caused a crisis which the Chief Operations Officer has found expedient to relate to the public? If such incidents have occurred in the past and yet the Electricity Company hasn’t been telling us about them then what’s the relevance of telling us now? Does it not suggest  that in  the past incidents such as that were thought — and rightly so  — to be too insignificant  to relate to the public?
Now suppose such things really do happen: why hasn’t the company been able to put an end to them? What are we to think of such a negligent  Company and its officials?
When I read  what the Chief Operations Officer had said, I thought at first that maybe he wasn’t qualified for his job. But a quick check of his biography established that he holds a Bachelor of Science Degree as well as an MBA! WHAT? And yet he could say a thing like that?
I am completely baffled. Of course, he will probably think it odd that members of the public are “ignorant” if  they refuse to accept his explanation. Well, before he says that, let me relate to him some of the things the public  have been saying and let’s see whether it is he who is ignorant, or they: (See:)
QUOTE 1:“These fools think that every Ghanaian is stupid and foolish like that? [Let] them … continue lying; nobody cares! They can even burn ECG — who cares? Mmoa [beasts] like that!”
QUOTE 3: “I guess these are NPP vultures (!) and birds sent to sabotage this [NDC] Govt? Your lies will catch up with you.”
QUOTE 4: “Today, vultures. Tomorrow, I guess it will be the wind, followed by spiders, cockroaches, termites and even later on, mosquitoes. The authorities (government) should stop undermining the intellect of the public.”
QUOTE 5: “This is a lie. Vultures  are Gh. and Gh. is vultures. They never had anything to do with lights since inde[pendence]. Why Mahama time? Nonsense!”
QUOTE 6: “Is that how low you take us for, and this sounded good in the ears of the PURC?”
QUOTE 8: Poor vultures and birds, they cannot talk and defend themselves. THE CAUSE OF THE DUMSOR IS THE INCOMPETENCE AND THIEVING (insult deleted). They have blamed everything from water to oil to gas but continue to leave out the main culprit the incompetent (insult deleted).
QUOTE 10: “Sometimes I feel ashamed to see these news headlines b’cos if any of my non- Ghanaian friends see this, they will just laugh; especially when I keep bragging to them about how advanced Ghana is!” ENDQUOTES.
By the way, there are many  similar comments where these came from!


There you have it, I was incandescent yesterday cos when I was in Techiman and I saw hard working folks all over the place fixing the cables at their peril  ‘cos The top Man was visiting.
The electric poles even got painted- all blinking lights fixed..
Was impressed – working in scorching sun with dangerous high voltage cables – only the brave can volunteer for this risky job.
Like you know, most of the electrical engineers come from Kumasi Legon, which was my stomping ground on free days. Lots of friends, school mates in the industry, ..can you imagine their morale today, to this vulture nonsense tarnishing their good works.
You put your head on the table: “Agyawaadwo!”  What kind of affliction is this??
Vultures causing power outages and chief huncho never got any pictorial images to buttress his case??
Ashen-faced poor folks wondering: are we also paying to listen to this garbage in addition to all the rotten carcasses still smelly in powerless freezers and fridges…?
I remember a very good friend on getting a top job in the energy sector, promised to seize all generators in his ministry if they don’t get to help him get the job done. He was equally going to banish dumsor. Well I presume the vultures got there first, prompting one to question: is there something in the Castle waters?
Sane men suddenly spewing gibberish in broad day-light….(Hahaha don’t accept any drinks from the castle!)
The old adage still rings true: “If u are dumb and you know it, don’t open your mouth to let the rest of the world know how dumb you are. If this guy keeps his job, you know it’s because there are equally brainless top vultures! He can’t be on his own, can he??
Whoosh! We are well and truly fuckered,by vultures and dwarfs of the vengeance kind, covering sheer incompetence with brazen effrontery.  Banish Dumsor, on this evidence? Don’t bet on it!!

ECG could explain briefly how the Vultures and other Birds are disrupting the Power supply. You don’t just make such a Statement and leave everybody guessing?!  Is that the best of ECG???




You asking the Bossman to explain?? I guess you didn’t get the memo!

My own Honourable Minister is on record: “Evil Dwarfs are depreciating Ghana New Cedis”

With my jaw nearly hitting the floor; I asked: how is that possible?? The retort was quick and swift…”Why are u always asking questions?? Listen Sonny, we do not owe u or anyone else any evidential-based Powerpoint illustrations. Any fool can see the Cedi is the fastest depreciating currency; except Prez Mugabe’s million notes!!

Doc, to ask is to incur the wrath of them top dogs…incredible as it may sound, people still believe in this charade.

Pity the journalists who give oxygen to this nonsensical press conference…their credibility.??.Some journalists only turn up to collect their “payolas” in league with their editors mantra: “Cover this event, else adverts will cease coming!!!

As they say.  Be your own judge; don’t believe these bonkers; they will drive you mad.


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