Feb 24

dennis brutus obituary by cameron duodu

Dennis Brutus obituarySouth African writer, poet and campaigner against apartheidTweet this (6) Cameron Duoduguardian.co.uk, Tuesday 23 February 2010 18.01 GMTArticle history Brutus remained an activist well after the fall of his country’s racist system. Photograph: Anonymous/APDennis Brutus, the poet and anti-apartheid activist, who has died aged 85, had no business reaching that ripe old age. …

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Feb 23

a ‘revelation’ for president john atta mills

A ‘REVELATION’ FOR PRESIDENT JOHN ATTA MILLS By CAMERON DUODU Your Excellency President John Atta Mills, It having pleased Our Lord Almighty to reveal unto thee in a dream, the true meaning of “Separate unto me Barabbas…”, but thy intentions having been entwined in the different strands of wires that encompass thy National Democratic Party …

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Feb 23


Dr Joseph Stiglitz, Professor of economics at Columbia University, is one of the most influential economists of the 20th and 21st centuries. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for economics in 2001 — which about says all there is to say about the respect in which he is held by his peers. But more important, …

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Feb 23

the ghana police and free speech

THE GHANA POLICE AND FREE SPEECH by CAMERON DUODU On 18 February 2010, Nana Darkwa, a 27-year-old sympathiser of the opposition party in Ghana, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) was arrested by the police at a radio station, for alleging, in a radio discussion programme, that the former President of Ghana, Flight-Lieutenant (retd.) J J …

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Oct 27

cameron duodu’s guardian blogs

Global Cameron Duodu Webfeed Profile Born and educated in Ghana, Cameron Duodu started work on a general purpose magazine called New Nation in Ghana, then moved to the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, where he became editor of radio news. He returned to the magazine world as editor of the Ghana edition of the famous pan-African magazine, …

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Nov 23


So another 140 or more people have been killed in Iraq today. This comes a day after it was reported that October was the month with the heaviest death toll in Iraq, since the American-British invasion in March 2003. Obviously, the seeds of the civil war in Iraq were not sown yesterday. That a three-headed …

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