Feb 24

cycling the world

Quote: Mike Roots began cycling the world in 1996 and 80,000 miles later, he is still in his front room as he thinks roads are too dangerous. The former economics teacher, 67, rides his exercise bike while plotting his trip on maps. “I am currently in Argentina, and I have a fair way to go,” said Mr Roots, who has lost five stone.(The London Times) SOURCE: This England (The New Statesman 22 February 2010) Unquote
Now, here is a man after own heart. At least he does cycle a lot. Me? I’m always getting off the exercise bike because the background music is not quite right; or I didn‘t take my pill last night and my high blood pressure might cause my heart to stop beating if it races too hard (remember Isaac Hayes died while exercising on his machine, huh?); or my belt is not properly fastened; or my socks aren’t thick enough and my feet are hurting; or one of my sandals is pinching my big toe; or the machine is making quite a bit of noise and it may carry into my next-door-neighbour’s bedroom and disturb him, though it‘s only 7.30 pm; or I must get of because my mind is full of better things I ought to get off to go and do right now!

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