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Wikileaks: on the trail of the mysterious LRA of Joseph Kon

| 17.12.10 | 10:30 p.m. • Updated 17.12.10 | 10:41 p.m. (Google automatic translation from Le Monde)

Joseph Kony, the LRA leader,[photographed in 2006. AFP / STUART PRICE]

The LRA is one of the most mysterious and violent armed groups on the planet. That description will get rid of the Lord’s Resistance Army (Lord’s Resistance Army, LRA) from Uganda, which now operates between north-eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Central African Republic (CAR) and, without doubt, the South Sudan?

The movement, originally rooted in the Acholi people in northern Uganda, and opposed to the power of President Museveni at its inception in the late 1980s, has evolved into an armed group whose goals are fuzzy, struggling for survival in massacring the villagers of the areas they pass through, or turning them into slaves.

Between millenarianism, mysticism and the use a calculated way of violence, the LRA is moving constantly, dispersed into small groups. A regional operation, “RudiaII” The battle with the support of the United States, particularly in the intelligence field. The fight against the LRA interests, at the highest point, U.S. diplomats, who write from Kampala telegrams every two weeks to report progress on the ground DRC Ugandan troops. However, discretion is placed on the exact course of this operation.

“We note that the Ugandan government has deliberately (and with great success) remained silent on the size of the expeditionary force and the fact that its men fought regularly with the LRA, all of which are intended to press a face Congolese Operation [Rudia II] ” , says a telegram in 2009.


The embassy in Kampala regularly recounts the actions of the UPDF against the LRA in the north-eastern Congo. Example in June 2009: “The Ugandan military operations on the ground continue to make progress. The Popular Defence Forces of Uganda (UPDF army) pursue with determination the LRA groups, and have mounted successful ambushes, which were concluded by the death of senior commanders of the LRA. Between 18 and May 29, the UPDF killed 41 LRA fighters, including Brigadier General Caesar Achellam and Lt. Col. Okello Okuta. ”

The following telegrams continue counting the losses inflicted by the forces of Ugandan rebel Joseph Kony, the elusive leader, in north-eastern DRC.

But soon, they must assign their shares to another army for the DRC, despite the passivity of the latter. “Since March, the UPDF were unable to publicly account for their actions because Uganda has withdrawn ostensibly in the area and wanted to put a mask on Congolese Rudia II summarizes his American interlocutors to the spokesman of the Ugandan army, Felix Kulayigye.

Photo:The LRA leader, Joseph Kony, his daughter and son, Nov. 30 at Ri-Kwangba in southern Sudan. REUTERS/AFRICA24 MEDIA

The Ugandan military official has complained that its Congolese counterparts do not make public the success of the operation, “although they provide continuous updates” on the victories they’re supposed to win during clashes led in fact, by Ugandan soldiers. Consequently, it took some of the information published in newspapers in Uganda, “attributing the deaths of commanders important actions of the Congolese army, even if they had been killed by the Ugandan army” . “Uganda continue to attribute the success to come to the Congolese army ” , provides the Ugandan military official.

Meanwhile, the operation continues and score points, according to Kampala, which has always regarded the period of negotiations with the LRA as a corrupt men of Kony to rearm and has grown to a regional war to destroy the leaders of LRA.

The Ugandan Defence Minister Crispus Kiyonga said in a telegram of April 2009, estimated that “50% of senior officials of the LRA and 25% of its fighters were killed during operations. Kiyonga now considers the number of fighters [remaining] to three hundred. The UN Mission in Congo (MONUC) provides similar figures, estimating the number of LRA combatants to three or four hundred, and the number of people abducted between six hundred and 1000. ”


In the meantime, however, the LRA has not been out of harm’s way. It enjoys the support of Sudan, as has already happened in the past? The hypothesis was again proposed in February 2010, when a top French diplomat in charge of African affairs, says the Deputy Secretary of State in charge of Africa, Johnnie Carson, that “the French intelligence services have collected from their sources of information sensitive to the presence in Khartoum six months ago, the LRA leader, Joseph Kony ” .

The U.S. reaction was cautious, but concerned: “If this should prove true, it would constitute a considerable act of bad faith on the part of considerable Sudanese government (…) . This shows that the North can not be regarded as a reliable partner which he would possible to give her confidence. ” Already, one encounters an assumption: that Joseph Kony is “reactivated” by his contacts Sudan to carry out actions to destabilize Southern Sudan. The organization of a referendum for self-determination, in January 2011, is expected to result in the secession of the south (where most of the country’s oil reserves are) from the north.

Jean-Philippe Rémy


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