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“Gbagbo talks from cock to ass in an endless flow”, wrote the US Ambassador.”

Gbagbo at the memory of Dominique de Villepin| 09.12.10 | 10:32 p.m.

ABIDJAN, SPECIAL ENVOY – The complexity of relations between France and Cote d’Ivoire is likely to plunge into perplexity an ambassador of the United States. Received at the American Embassy in Abidjan, the outgoing Ivorian president, Laurent Gbagbo, who “loves to talk” and “jumps from cock to the ass, if you do not bring [him back to the main topic of conversation] with all the courtesy required ” .

That day, said a diplomatic telegram obtained by Wikileaks and revealed by Le Monde , Mr. Gbagbo “continues to engage in digressions for an outburst against the French government” . The diplomat added that “the only novelty is constituted by his relations with former Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin .

Mr. de Villepin, then foreign minister, was the soul of the Linas-Marcoussis Agreement, aimed at resolving the Ivorian crisis in 2002. These agreements, says Mr. de Villepin, have been transformed by President Gbagbo [into] the Queen of England” by stripping it of its powers.

But Mr Gbagbo will maneuver to get rid of this straitjacket, especially playing with groups of “patriots” who will use the weapon of intimidation against the French presence.


But if the relationship was so bad, why does it describe Laurent Gbagbo Dominique de Villepin with such enthusiasm? Faced with his American interlocutors visibly taken aback, Mr. Gbagbo said that Mr de Villepin “has come to realize that the policy of President Chirac to try to get rid of Gbagbo would not work” .

Laurent Gbagbo confided to his American interlocutorsn it was revealed in the telegram, that de Villepin had asked him to intervene with President Chirac as he called Prime Minister [in 2005] , and Gbagbo was executed.(sic) Chirac responded by saying that de Villepin was kind of nervous, but Gbagbo had given the guarantee to Chirac that de Villepin was the perfect person for this function.

Pure invention or diving in the ambiguities of the relations between France and its former colonies? The same telegram also addresses the role in this issue of Gabonese President Omar Bongo , then alive, was very influential among the presidents of the Francophone countries of the continent, “President Bongo had arranged for Gbagbo and de Villepin will meet in Libreville find a framework agreement in Franco-Ivorian. ”

And Laurent Gbagbo concluded: “Unlike President Chirac, de Villepin showed occasional understanding.”

Jean-Philippe Rémy


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