Jun 03

THEY WANT TO ‘NUKE’ THE GUF OIL SPILL!l Spill? No Way, U.S. Says – NYTimes.com

CAMERON DUODU WRITEs: America seems to be full of nut-heads in important positions. People working in science in the US are, according to the article below, “chattering” about “nuking” the oil spill in the Gulf that BP has so far been unable to stop.

But must desperation and frustration lead to total madness? Nuking the spill would not only bring unknown consequences in relation to the release of radio-active “water-clouds”, but could also trigger monumental earthquakes and tsunamis. Quite honestly. some of these scientists are too dangerous to be allowed to work in the science industry. Read for yourself:

Nuclear Option on Gulf Oil Spill? No Way, U.S. Says – NYTimes.com


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