Jun 02


Dear Mr. Duodu,
keep on with the good work. Just because one fool criticized you does not mean all are against you.
Matter of fact, you have taken most of my own ideas and written them. I am also a writer and I have experienced very sassy comments from people who cannot construct a meaningful sentence. Don’t let the devil steal your joy. Keep on with the good work. I love the stories. Writing is not an easy trade, you have to be tough to write.
The caning issue (the child with dyslexia) in June 1, 2010 issue reminds me of my own school days when my French Teacher tried to rape me. I tricked him and got away. This teacher decided to punish me by setting gravels in front of the blackboard and made me kneel on it. I couldn’t report him to the Headmaster because” Headie” tried to have sex with me. This happened over twenty years ago. I researched and found a similar pattern between the two men. They both are alcoholics and sick in the mind.
You can use my story if you want. My maiden name Sarah Antwi-Adjei, I attended school in Takoradi and Bolgatanga.


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