Jun 06

Hit-hungry Hollywood gambles on litany of ‘romaction’ flicks

WHAT HAPPENS OFF-SCREEN WHEN A ROMANTIC MOVIE IS BEING SHOT? EVER SINCE ERROL FLYNN BEDDED — OR DID NOT BED — OLIVIA DE HAVILLAND IN The Adventures of Robin Hood and the amazing Swedish beauty, Viveca Lindfors, in The Adventures of Don Juan, there has been speculation about what happens between leading men and their co-stars offset during shooting.

What is the truth?

Who anything knows who only reads The National Enquirer?

Now, the mighty Washington Post itself has weighed in!

Maybe we shall know the truth at last? Don’t bet on it! One reporter’s ‘facts’ are as gossipy as another’s. Take your pick. Really. — CAMERON DUODU

Hit-hungry Hollywood gambles on litany of 'romaction' flicks


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