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Diplomat accuses Gbagbo of trying to kill Ouattara in 2002
LEMONDE.FR with Reuters | 05.01.11 | 9:13

A former French diplomat stationed in Ivory Coast accuses incumbent President Laurent Gbagbo of having ordered the crimes in 2002, and then tried to assassinate his rival Alassane Ouattara.

The newspaper Liberation published on Wednesday 5 January in a forum the story of Dominique Pin, former first counselor at the Embassy of France in Abidjan between 2000 and 2002. He said that Laurent Gbagbo had used the 2002 rebellion in the north to provoke abuses against opponents and kill some, including his predecessor in office, General Robert Guei.

“I will never forget the mass graves of Yopougon Monoko-Zohy, the death squads, assassinations of General Guei, Rose Guei, Dr. Dacoury-Tabley, the dead from the mosque Daloa, executions in neighborhoods ” , wrote the diplomat. He then says he hosted at his home Alassane Ouattara, whom he believes “the men of the presidency wanted to kill because Gbagbo had to eliminate anyone they believe could be linked to the rebels” .

The diplomat believes that the French government of the day proved complacent vis-à-vis Laurent Gbagbo. “Dominique de Villepin (then Foreign Minister) believed he could reason with Gbagbo and impose a solution to the crisis by releasing the pressure on him and ignoring his exactions ” he writes.

This policy had not worked, the diplomat said, because Laurent Gbagbo is believed by him to be responsible for a deadly attack against the French army in 2004, and abuses against the French in Cote d’Ivoire led by relatives of the then President Gbagbo.


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