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Oct 16


One American man who was a passenger on the flight said: “I didn’t get involved because I was scared I would get kicked off the flight and lose my job. But that man paid a higher price than I would have.”

The man, who gave his name as Michael, raised questions over how quickly Mubenga was given medical assistance and said he heard him complain that he was unable to breathe.

“I’m pretty sure it will turn out to be asphyxiation,” he said. “The last thing we heard the man say was he couldn’t breathe. We had three security guards and each one of them looked like they weighed 100kg plus, bearing down and holding him down.”

Another passenger, Andrew, 44, from eastern Europe, said he noticed “two big guys pushing something with the weight of their bodies against the seats in the last row”.

He said the man they were restraining had been shouting but was “not aggressive in any way.

“In the beginning his voice was strong and loud but with the time passing by, the voice was losing its strength. I heard the man had difficulties to breathe.”

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